About Us

Drs. Richard Fain, Oren Keiser and Tara Abella are board certified obstetricians and gynecologists. With over forty-five years experience, we are proud that our practice now provides expert obstetrical and gynecological care for three generations of women.

Our obstetrical department is a regional center for high risk pregnancies. We have a neonatal care unit managed by a team of board-certified neonatologists and nurses with the expertise in technology to care for the most complicated of newborn issues. Most importantly, however, our obstetrical department is family centered. We have only private labor, birthing, and post partum suites.

Anesthesiologists provide twenty-four hour epidural and analgesia availability. Our obstetrical patients benefit from state of the art high-risk maternal and fetal care in an environment that assists the need for patient oriented support services. These include natural birth support, prenatal parent education and breast feeding support as well as mother-baby bonding support. Our obstetrical patients can also feel extra secure in our ability to provide consultative services with a team of perinatologists in the management of our complicated and high risk pregnancies.

Our perinatal support team provides genetic counseling as well as first trimester Down’s Syndrome screening services, detailed obstetrical ultrasound technology, nutritional counseling, diabetic and hypertensive management. We take pride in our expertise in caring for special needs pregnancies, especially multiples.

We also enjoy a special reputation for our open minded clinically sensitive approach to the VBAC option and trial of labor after previous Cesarean Section. In regard to our gynecological patients… We are continuously invigorated by the challenges of providing comprehensive care for adolescents through menopausal issues. We stay up to date with evolving preventive screening services especially the new guidelines for HPV and cervical cancer screening. We offer management of menopausal symptoms and issues such as Hormone Replacement and osteoporosis.

We supervise mammography screening. We are committed to help empower women to make informed decisions about their own healthcare choices. We provide expert family planning and contraception services. Our doctors take a special interest in using innovative therapies for management of uterine fibroids.

Whenever possible, we provide non-surgical options, including endometrial ablation, for both fibroids and excessive menstrual bleeding. Trained in all aspects of gynecologic surgery, while versed in traditional vaginal and abdominal (open) surgical procedures, we are also versed in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. Dr. Keiser has attained a level of expertise in robotic surgery.

We can now offer a full range of minimally invasive surgical treatment of fibroids, pelvic masses, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. Above all, we consider it a privilege to care for our patients. We take pride in our comprehensive and compassionate approach to the full spectrum of our patients’ obstetrical and gynecologic needs.

Our doctors and staff are available to participate in your healthcare.